Purlins Components and Accessories

Components & Accessories

z sections dimensions

Z-Section Dimensions And Properties

C-Section Dimensions And Properties

eaves and beams section profile

Eaves Beam Dimensions And Properties

Mezzanine Floor Component Dimensions, Piercings And Properties

component weights

Component Weights

Anti Sag Rods

Anti Sag Rods And Eaves Braces

voestalpine Metsec round lok anti-sag rods and lateral support angles are designed to restrain purlins against twist under wind uplift conditions and contribute support during sheeting.

Cleader Angles

Cleader Angles

Typical detail showing the side cladding fixed to the purlin with a cleader angle.

rafter stays hole deeper

Rafter Stays

Where the supporting steelwork is constructed using deep universal beam sections, lattice trusses, etc., rafter stay fixing holes can be added to suit individual requirements. The ideal angle for rafter stays is 45°.

voestalpine Metsec Purlins CPD

Panel Joint Rails And Horizontal Cladding Supports

For economy, it is recommended that Metsec horizontal cladding supports with riveted end cleats are used as vertical supports to the horizontal cladding panels.

sheeting post

Sheeting Posts

The MetSPEC design software can be used to select these sections. Capacities have been derived by calculation in accordance with BS 5950:Part 5:1998.

Typical arrangement wind bracing

Wind Bracing

voestalpine Metsec C-sections can be used for applications where axial tension or compression loads are to be carried. The MetSPEC design software can be used to select these sections.

Column Ties

Column Ties

voestalpine Metsec C-section compound column ties offer significant economic advantages from initial purchase through to on site installation.

Purlin & Side Rail Cleats

voestalpine Metsec standard purlin cleats are suitable for all normal applications on purlins and side rail systems.

mezzanine floor cleats

Mezzanine Floor Cleats

Standard and non-standard cleats can be supplied for inset (web) floor constructions.

Mezzanine Floor Tie Bars

Mezzanine Floor Tie Bars

Our rapid fix tie bar replaces threaded rod, nuts and washers, thereby greatly reducing installation time.

Wide Flange Purlins

Wide Flange Purlins

voestalpine Metsec offer a range of wide flange Purlins where the cladding requires a larger bearing. This eliminates the need to fix an angle to the web of the Purlin to achieve the required bearing.

parapet posts pre assembled

Parapet Posts

Parapet posts can be constructed from back to back C-sections to form a compound member complete with all cleats.