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Dry Lining

Non-load bearing partitioning, wall lining and ceiling solutions.

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voestalpine Metsec plc Dry Lining Division manufacture lightweight, non-load bearing metal frame components for use in the construction of dry lining partitions, encasement, ceiling and wall lining systems receiving gypsum plasterboard finishes. An engineered, modern alternative to traditional blockwork and timber construction methods resulting in quicker and easier installation.

Our steel framing profiles are dimensionally accurate, will not twist or bow and conform to EN 14195 standards. Manufactured from continuously hot-dip coated flat galvanized steel that conforms to BS EN 10346:2015 and manufactured using the cold-roll process in accordance with BS EN 14195:2005/AC:2006.

Our products are sold exclusively via distribution and in conjunction with other specified accessories from our distribution partners form two dry lining systems :–

Tradeline – Exclusive to CCF, Part of the Travis Perkins Group

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Speedline – Exclusive to the SIG Group

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