Metal Stud Partition Systems

Metsec stud partitions meet all UK regulations (EN 14195) for construction, and combine effective solutions with efficient installation methods. Our standard metal stud partitioning system is suitable for a wide range of uses in various industries, and is available in multiple variations. We provide the complete range of components for your project, including clear installation guidance. All metal frame systems are manufactured by voestalpine Metsec from continuously hot-dip coated flat galvanized steel.

For load bearing solutions, please take a look at our Steel Framing section.

metal stud and track partitioning system

Standard Metal Stud Partitions

Ideal for use in a wide range of sectors including Residential, Healthcare, Education, Student accommodation, Hotels, Education, Commercial & Retail.

Both C Stud & I stud variants in single and double layer configurations.

metal stud and track partitioning system

Acoustic Stud Partitions

A cost-effective way to achieve improved acoustic performance in both domestic and commercial situations. Acoustic Stud has longer plasterboard fixing flanges than conventional C stud with an offset sightline resulting in improved sound insulation.

Resilient Bar Partitions

Often considered for part E compliance in both hotel and student accommodation sectors where 43 DnTw+Ctr dB required. Resilient bar (RB565) acts as a spacer on one side of the partition decoupling the plasterboard lining from the stud face resulting in improved sound insulation.

Braced C Stud Twin Frame Partitions

Often considered by project design teams as the most cost-effective way to achieve the baseline / minimum performances set out in Approved Document E where 45 DnTw+Ctr dB is required.

I Stud Independent Twin Frame Partitions

Capable of offering additional performance (+3db +5dB) compared to the baseline / minimum performances set out in Approved Document E when extra accreditation is requested and 48 DnTw+Ctr dB / 50 DnTw+Ctr dB is required.