Metsec are committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction and ensure that our staff are trained to the highest possible levels in order to assist our customers at all stages of the design and installation process.

Our sales teams in particular have a thorough knowledge of our products and should be able to resolve most of your questions quickly and professionally.


We focus on adding value through expert design,precision manufacturing and on-time, in-full product delivery. Our aim is to provide excellent service and quality products that offer our customers cost effective solutions.

Our market-leading MetSPEC design software provides cost effective solutions to maximise the design efficiency of structures. Comprehensive technical support is provided by our design office.

Metsec – Leaders in EDI

Metsec’s vast experience in Electronic Data Interchange has established us as leaders in the field. Data from Metsec’s own detailing software MetCAM or from specialist 3D draughting systems can simply be e-mailed to the Metsec Drawing Office for direct issue to production.

Metsec EDI means the benefits include reduced time in producing and transferring details. Also, by eliminating a potential source of errors, improved efficiency and greater customer satisfaction is achieved.


Metsec are pioneers when it comes to the provision of design software packages. Our first design package for purlin design was produced in 1989, since when we have been continually updating and improving the packages that we offer.

Today, Metsec produce a number of stand-alone design software packages including MetSPEC for purlins, side rails and mezzanine floors and further information is available on our software page.


UKCA Mark Purlins

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Purlin Technical Manual

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Purlin Section Profiles

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Purlin IFC Files

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Purlin Detailing Sheets

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MetSPEC14 - Design Software

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CE Marking Guidance

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