Typical Markets

Metsec’s cold roll formed metal profiles are used in a multitude of applications spanning several different sectors from construction, to industrial, agricultural and automotive, in fact there is scope for custom roll formed products in any market.

It’s not just the ability to form almost any shape of profile that makes custom roll formed sections ideal for so many applications. The wide range of materials that can be roll formed means sections can be created with a blend of strength and weight to suit almost any situation, such as lightweight sections for aerospace, or large robust sections for bridge building.

The accuracy offered by the roll-forming process means it’s trusted for safety critical applications, such as safety cabs for construction equipment, as well as in aesthetically demanding markets such as luxury office furniture.

This versatility means that, from cars and construction machinery, to buildings and furniture, custom roll formed sections are all around us wherever we go.

metsec steel framing

Off Highways & Yellow Goods (ROPs/FOPs)

From High strength, welded profiles to a fully manipulated ROPs & FOPs (Roll Over and Falling Object protection) safety Cab we have the ability to supply your needs.


Many steel products are used during the construction of a building, these include handrails, elevator & escalator framing, cladding fixing supports, security & safety products and structural products. Custom roll forming is the ideal way to manufacture a variety of these products.

Sustainable Energy

The demand for sustainable clean energy is growing along with the obvious need to reduce energy wastage through improved insulation and efficiency. We have gained experience in a number of areas from solar farms & roof mounted PV panel support systems, to loft insulation systems. Our technical knowledge and expertise having helped our customers optimise their solutions.


Specifically design for the Bridging market, a range of high strength sections can be produced up to 20 metres in length. We are able to provide the market with bespoke or standard structural long span systems for bridge decking, nerb and hand rail applications.

Storage & Handling

For many years’ we have been supplying the market with products for storage, racking and conveyor systems. Typical components supplied are complex pierced upright supports, long span beams, interlocking sections and lipped pierced conveyor channels. Our induction welding process is ideally suited to the production of these components where aesthetics are  as important as functionality.


From Rail and Bus systems to domestic trailers and load support systems we can manufacture a host of products including chassis systems, bearer & runner channels, roof sticks, cant & rave profile. If you need to move from the standard products we also offer in house design support so your bespoke designs can be created.

Office Furniture

Where functionality is paramount, yet aesthetics are critical, our unique manufacturing process enables us to manufacture components to the highest specifications. Through design support and quality assurance we offer the market proven service levels.

Modular Build

Off site and volumetric construction methods are an increasingly common trend. We are able to offer either standard or bespoke components or systems for floor, wall and ceiling systems applications and our flexible manufacturing processes mean we are able to meet the demanding service requirements our customers expect.


The ability to manufacture roll formed sections with complex pre pierce hole patterns from a variety of materials including Stainless Steel enables to provide a roll formed solution for your marine requirements.