mezzanine floor cleats

Mezzanine Floor Cleats

Cleat Specification

Standard and non-standard cleats can be supplied for inset (web) floor constructions.

Standard inset cleats are manufactured from 4mm and 5mm pre-hot dipped galvanised steel, Z275 coating, guaranteed yield strength 350 N/mm². Non-standard cleats by others or to special order.

All holes are 18mm diameter for M16 bolts grade 8.8.

Non-standard cleats can be supplied for oversail (top) floor construction to special order.

Download our purlin technical manual below for more information.

Mezzanine Inset (web) Cleats

mezzanine inset web cleats
mezzanine inset web cleats 2
Section SeriesC (mm)D (mm)N (mm)Max Weight (kg)
MIC 142 4/56011016.00.91
MIC 150 4/56011020.00.91
MIC 165 4/57012022.50.99
MIC 172 4/57012026.00.99
MIC 202 4/510015026.01.24
MIC 232 4/513018026.01.48
MIC 262 4/516021026.01.73
MIC 302 4/520025026.02.06
MIC 342 4/524029026.02.39

The Mezzanine inset cleat reference is the same as the section that it is being used in conjunction with, i.e:

MIC 1724 — 4mm thick inset cleat for a 172 section

MIC 2325 — 5mm thick inset cleat for a 232 section

Mezzanine Oversail (top) Cleats

Mezzanine floor cleats 2
Section SeriesA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Weight (kg)
MOC 14249601340.71
MOC 15053601380.72
MOC 16555701500.76
MOC 17259701540.78
MOC 202591001840.89
MOC 232591302141.00
MOC 262591602441.11
MOC 302592002841.25
MOC 342592403241.40