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Refurbishment with Steel Framing Systems (SFS): A sustainable pathway to Lower Carbon Emissions

As national and international governments aim towards Net Zero Carbon, along with just about every other sector of the economy, the construction industry is facing increasing pressures to reduce its impact on the environment. Owen Johnson, Research & Development Manager at voestalpine Metsec’s Purlins & Framing Division, looks at the contribution that building refurbishment can … Read more

P-DfMA Platform Design for Manufacture and Assembly using Light Gauge Steel

In recent years the construction industry has been embracing innovative approaches to improve efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate project timelines, many of which fall under the banner of Modern Methods of Construction. One approach gaining popularity is Platform Design for Manufacture and Assembly (P-DfMA). This concept can be simply summarised as the adoption of a … Read more

voestalpine Metsec updates NBS Source information

Recent investment in extensive independent testing of SFS has resulted in new data sets being created for the system and voestalpine Metsec’s NBS Source information will now incorporate performance data which includes eleven sheathing board products from seven manufacturers, all tested with market-leading dry lining boards. This further highlights our commitment to ensuring that architects … Read more

voestalpine Metsec Launches Online RIBA CPD Seminar Series: Exploring Innovation in SFS, Fire Testing, CCPI, Golden Thread, and Net Zero

voestalpine Metsec is thrilled to announce a new online RIBA CPD seminar, offering a deep dive into the innovative realms of SFS (Steel Framing Systems), fire testing, CCPI (code for construction products info), the Golden Thread, and Net Zero construction practices. These engaging sessions are open to all professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in … Read more

voestalpine Metsec Renew Membership with SBD

Specialists in the manufacture and supply of light gauge, non-load bearing, cold-rolled formed metal products for use in partitioning, dry lining and ceiling systems, voestalpine Metsec, have renewed their membership with Secured by Design. voestalpine Metsec and their Secured by Design accredited dry lining systems are exclusively sold through distribution partners SIG and CCF under … Read more