rafter stays hole deeper

Rafter Stays / Bracing

Where the supporting steelwork is constructed using deep universal beam sections, lattice trusses, etc., rafter stay fixing holes can be added to suit individual requirements. The ideal angle for rafter stays is 45°.

Where possible, the standard sleeve fixing holes may be used for rafter stay fixings, providing the inclination of the stay is not too steep.

Rafter stays supplied by voestalpine Metsec are normally 45 x 45 x 2mm thick angle. On deep sections or lattice trusses, it may be necessary to increase the size of the angle section used to suit the individual contract requirements. Please refer to MetSPEC design software for further details. You can download our MetSPEC software by logging in to your account.

Positioning of rafter stay holes on deeper rafters

rafter stays hole deeper

Sleeve fixing hole positions

rafter stays