ceiling lining system

Ceiling Systems

MF Ceiling System

Ideal for commercial and domestic applications and compatible for use with dry lining partitioning systems creates a seamless surface suitable to receive most decorative finishes

Ceiling Lining System

Can be used under timber or concrete flooring and lined with any proprietary Gypsum plasterboard.

Resilient Bar Under Timber

Designed to offer improved acoustic insulation when constructing a conventional ceiling under timber joists. Resilient bar (RB565) acts as a spacer below the timber joist decoupling the plasterboard lining resulting in improved sound insulation.

Spring Tee System

Spring Tee System

Designed for use with metal pan clip-in tiles manufactured by SAS International and Zentia.

Sub Grid Systems

Designed to form sub grids for supporting any type of suspended ceiling, in particular when the required suspension point centres of the ceiling system being installed on a project can not be replicated in situ.