cable trunking

Cable Trunking Systems

voestalpine Metsec manufactures galvanised metal cable trunking systems including standard distribution trunking and lighting trunking.

Standard distribution trunking is available in widths and depths up to 225mm as standard. Lids are attached by turnbuckle fixings, with Screwfix and tamperproof fixings also available.

Lighting trunking is available in 50mm x 50mm with straights in various length configurations. This range utilises the Standard distribution trunking components but with snap on lids available in pre galvanised steel or white plastic. This allows flexibility on site when using both systems.

Cable trunking materials and finishes available are mild steel pre galvanised as standard and powder coated to order.

Excellent Customer Service

voestalpine Metsec Cable Management offer comprehensive stocks, very high ‘on-time and in full’ delivery performance and the ability to turn around non-standard applications quickly. We’re known for our meticulous detailing and dedicated support.

Trunking Integral Connectors

Integral connectors for all fittings including pre tapped holes avoiding the need for nuts and washers.

Cable Trunking Standards and Testing

voeatalpine Metsec Cable Trunking meets the requirements of BS EN 50085-1+A1 and BS EN 50085-2-1+A1 cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems for electrical installations.

distribution trunking

Electrical Distribution Trunking

voestalpine Metsec cable trunking systems are designed as a complete system with a range of easy fit accessories.

lighting trunking

Lighting Trunking

voestalpine Metsec lighting trunking is available in 50mm x 50mm with straights in various length configurations.

ip4x trunking

IP4X Rated Trunking

voestalpine Metsec Cable Management makes IP4X rated trunking systems utilising off the shelf clips, without the need for bespoke systems.

trunking technical detail

Cable Trunking Technical Details

voestalpine Metsec standard trunking systems incorporate lids connected by turnbuckle fasteners pre assembled.

cable management products


top lid tee compartment 3

Compartmentalised Products

2 and 3 compartment cable trunking components.