sheeting posts

Sheeting Posts

The MetSPEC design software can be used to select these sections. Capacities have been derived by calculation in accordance with BS 5950:Part 5:1998.

Compound back-to-back C-sections are used for these members as shown.

To make a compound member, the sections are connected together in the web with pairs of bolts (washer under bolt head and nut) at spacings along the sections (as stated in the program) with all bolts on standard web gauge lines.

The post must be adequately fixed to the main structure at the top and bottom to provide an effective height factor of 0.85. Connection at the ends to be via 2 or 4 bolts in web on standard web gauge lines.

The fabricator should ensure that the end bracket supporting the sections is suitable for the load to be carried. Restraint stays may be required, the spacings of these is as determined by the MetSPEC design software.

All fixing bolts are to be M16 Grade 8.8 plated bolts complete with washers.

Note: maximum capacity is achieved using a washer under both bolt head and nut for connection of the sections to the supports at ends. The MetSPEC design software allows for a choice of one or two washers per nut/bolt combination. The MetSPEC software can be downloaded by logging in to your account.

Sheeting Posts Details

sheeting posts
sheeting post detail

Detail Showing Side Rail Connection to the Outer Flange of the Compound Sheeting Post

sheeting post

Restraint Tie

restraint tie