Roof Wind Bracing

voestalpine Metsec C-sections can be used for applications where axial tension or compression loads are to be carried. The MetSPEC design software can be used to select these sections. Download MetSPEC by logging in to your account.

Capacities have been derived by calculation in accordance with BS 5950:Part 5:1998.

The capacities are for axial compression or tension loads only and do not take into account bending moments other than those due to self weight or end connection eccentricity, (i.e. gutters etc. to be supported on other members). Connection of sections to support brackets at the ends must be via the web.

Connection of compound sections

Back to back compound C-sections are used for all compression loads. Compound sections are connected with pairs of bolts (washer under bolt head and nut) on standard web gauge lines equally spaced as determined by the MetSPEC design software.

Tension load capacities are for single or back to back members all connected at ends to support brackets via the web.

The fabricator should ensure that the gusset or end bracket supporting the sections is suitable for the load carried. All fixing bolts are to be M16 grade 8.8 plated bolts complete with washers.

Connection Detail

wind bracing connection detail

Typical arrangement for C-section compression and tension wind bracing members

Typical arrangement for wind bracing