Metframe is a pre-panelised system which is used to provide the load bearing structure for low to medium rise structures. The system uses the studs in the same way as load bearing SFS, except they are bolted together off-site to form panels. The incorporation of heavier gauge studs and the bespoke designs allow structures to be constructed up to 15 storeys in height. Metframe structures can incorporate steel joisted or concrete floors, depending on the client’s requirements. Joisted floors will offer a much lighter structure, but concrete floors generally provide a higher level of acoustic and fire protection. Pitched, dormer or flat roofs can be readily incorporated in Metframe structures as well as balconies, cantilevers, insets etc.

Metframe is an extremely competitive building solution when compared against the cost of timber and volumetric construction. Metframe delivers a high quality building but importantly a major key benefit is speed of build, with Metframe structures taking under two weeks per floor to construct. Sustainability is at the forefront of Metframe buildings which offer zero waste and a low carbon footprint.

For more information download our Metframe Specification Manual or Introduction to Metframe Brochure located at the bottom of this page.


Metframe Specification Manual

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