pre galv ladder

Cable Ladder Systems

voestalpine Metsec offer complete cable ladder systems ranging from 50mm deep light duty ladders to 150mm deep extra heavy duty ladders in UK and European widths, up to 900mm, with a wide range of accessories.

Materials and finishes available are mild steel hot dip galvanised as standard, pre galvanised or stainless steel grade 1.4404 (316L) to order. Where requirements specify – a post manufacture process which involves chemical cleaning and passivation of stainless steel parts is also available on request.

voestalpine Metsec cable ladders generally conform to BS EN 61537 “cable management – cable tray systems and cable ladder systems” and are fully supported by independent testing at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

A full design service for the cable management range ensures the most cost effective solution is specified. CAD drawings can also be produced if required.

voestalpine Metsec Cable Management offer comprehensive stocks, very high on-time and in full delivery performance and a made to order service for long, straight lengths and alternative rung configurations.

Post-galvanised and Stainless Steel Ladder

Metsec cable ladders are designed as a complete system with simple accessories for ease of installation. Splice plates are supplied complete with M10 cup square bolts, shake proof washers, and nuts with a high tolerance fit for optimum structural performance.

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Pre-Galvanised Ladder

The Metsec Pre-Galvanised Ladder has been specially designed to provide a high quality, cable management solution across a wide range of market sectors.

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Technical Details

Whilst rungs are alternately reversed as standard, other rung orientations can be produced to order. Additionally alternative widths are also available to meet the requirements of the European markets.

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Metsec Cable Ladder Systems generally conform to BS EN 61537 Cable management - cable tray systems and cable ladder systems

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Product Footprints

Cable ladder — accessory foot print standard radius is 300mm

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