System Performance

Backed by extensive research and development, both Tradeline & Speedline systems conform to the latest standards including fire safety and acoustic performance regulations. The systems are independently tested in UKAS accredited laboratories with proprietary gypsum products and accessories as specified in conjunction with our lightweight, non-load bearing metal frame components.

Full installation guideline documents and performance substantiation sheets are available on request.

Supporting literature available for specification including:

  • Fire data to BS476-22:1987 – With ongoing testing regime to BS EN1364-1:2015 underway
  • Acoustic data to BS EN ISO 717-1: 1997 or BS EN ISO 140-3:1995
  • Duty Grade Ratings tested to BS5234-2:1992 Annexes A-F
  • Sustainability and qualifying points for BREEAM

Individual test reports available on request

System Warranty

A performance-based warranty is available upon completion of a project and issued by the relevant distributor.  An Installation guideline document (of the chosen system brand) detailing performances and installation guidance for the specified constructions being issued and approved prior to construction (available on request) must be issued to qualify.

A full sample warranty document can be accessed from the relevant distributors website and should be referenced for confirmation of:-

  • Who is offering the warranty and how is it underwritten.
  • The warranty cover.
  • Warranty beneficiary.
  • The length of the warranty period.
  • The principal function(s) and performance(s) of the Construction Product being warranted.
  • The value and/or nature of the cover.
  • Details of transferring to another building owner, and the limit to the amount of times transferring can be actioned.
  • Limitations on warranty cover.
  • Any function(s) and/or performance(s) is expressly excluded from the warranty.
  • Any requirements with regards to maintaining and any actions that could invalidate the warranty.

Last updated 20/07/23