cable tray range

Product Range

voestalpine Metsec cable trays are designed as a complete system with simple accessories. Integral connectors are included for bends tees etc. for all cable tray ranges.

The complete system is available in 12mm,18mm, 25mm and 50mm deep and all ranges have the same plan footprint that facilitates the set out of cable runs prior to finalisation of design.

Straight Lengths Cable Tray

Straight Lengths

3m lengths of light, medium & heavy duty cable tray

90 Degree Flat Bends Cable Tray

Flat Bends

45°, 90° & adjustable flat bends

Equal tee Cable Tray

Tees & Crossovers

Equal tees, unequal tees & crossovers

Reducers (made to order) Cable Tray


Reducers for all widths of cable tray

Internal Riser - Flexible Cable Tray


Internal, external & flexible risers

Straight Length Covers - 3m long (made to order) Cable Tray


A complete range of closed & ventilated covers for the Metsec cable tray system

Stand Off Brackets - Right Cable Tray


A complete range of accessories for the Metsec cable tray system