Oversail System

For floors where no restrictions are given to the finished height of floor. The mezzanine joists oversail the primary members and sit directly onto the main support or via a cleat bolted to the web. This system offers maximum economy.

Oversail Mezzanine Floor System Details

Inset System

For floors where maximum headroom is required. Mezzanine joists are inset between the primary members thus keeping the overall depth to a minimum.

Inset Mezzanine Floor System Details

Design Notes

The performance of the systems have been validated by a comprehensive test programme carried out by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Strathclyde.

Adequate torsional restraint is provided by 38mm minimum thickness flooring grade particle board.

This must be fixed to the top flange of the C-sections using appropriate self-drilling, self-tapping screws at a spacing not greater than 1150mm along the span.

Tie bars must be provided at mid span position as illustrated on Mezzanine Floor Tie Bars

All fixing bolts must be M16 diameter, grade 8.8 complete with washer under head and nut. Double span load capacities are based on the consideration of a uniformly distributed load on both spans or on one span only.

Note: the additional consideration of one span loaded is appropriate to this type of floor.