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Metsec Purlins & Siderails

voestalpine Metsec’s Purlins Division is the UK’s largest designer and manufacturer of light gauge galvanised steel purlins, side rails and mezzanine floor systems.

Providing lightweight, cold-rolled galvanised steel purlins in a wide range of Z, C and Mezzanine floor sections, plus bespoke-manufactured products, the division ensures optimal levels of structural performance in roof, wall, and mezzanine floor constructions.
Delivering a high strength to weight ratio, and fully recyclable, each section is individually CE marked and barcoded providing full traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Material is delivered to site pre-punched and cut to length in spans up to 16m. Expect superior design (including bespoke applications), precision manufacturing and on-time delivery with every order.
Back by extensive testing at the University of Strathclyde, voestalpine Metsec systems and components have been refined over several years. To maximise the design efficiency of structures, market leading MetSPEC design software provides optimised, highly cost-effective solutions for a wide range of developments.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, cold-rolled galvanised steel purlins
  • Each section individually CE marked
  • Able to be designed to bespoke customer requirements
  • All products are barcoded which allows for traceability throughout the manufacturing process
  • Our market-leading MetSPEC design software provides cost effective solutions to maximise the design efficiency of structures
  • Suitable for a wide range of developments

Why Specify Metsec Purlins & Side Rails?

Aside from being the biggest UK manufacturer of cold rolled steel Z and C purlins and side rails, and being involved in some of the largest UK construction projects there has been, we’re also very proud of the products and services we offer:


  • Our purlins are designed with a high strength to weight ratio
  • All products are CE marked


  • Steel is fully recyclable, ensuring you meet your sustainability goals.
  • Our output has a low carbon footprint, meeting ours, and the UK government’s Net Zero goals.


  • Material is delivered to site pre-punched and cut to length
  • Systems have been developed over the years with full scale testing and component testing at the University of Strathclyde
  • Long spans (up to 16m)
  • A range of accessories manufactured by voestalpine Metsec for use with all systems