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SFS Steel Framing

Metal Stud Framing System

SFS light gauge galvanised steel structural framing systems provide a fast, light, easily erected alternative to traditional blockwork, concrete, or steel frames.

A market pioneer, voestalpine Metsec’s metal stud framing systems are today specified across countless construction projects, especially for medium-rise commercial, retail, healthcare, educational and municipal applications.
voestalpine Metsec Steel Framing Solution (SFS) is a fast-track metal (galvanised steel) stud panel framing system providing a carrier for insulation, exterior cladding and interior boarding. Cold-rolled galvanized steel sections are typically supplied to site as individual components which are assembled in-situ using screwed connections. Components can be supplied pre-cut to required lengths or cut as needed on site.
A full end-to-end service includes structural technical design and due diligence backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance. In-house manufacturing ensures the highest production quality with capacity to meet the most demanding project schedules.

SFS Framing

voestalpine Metsec is proud to introduce our SFS framing range to the market. It is the second major redesign of the range and has been launched after significant investment in product testing and development. The new system offers many benefits including lighter more cost efficient and sustainable design options, as well as new robust fire solutions enabling more efficient overall wall construction performance.

Features of the new range

  • Expanded and enhanced range of new sections
  • Suitable for a wide range of sector applications, including residential, hotels, student accommodation, social housing, healthcare and education
  • New cleat range
  • New section profiles for all SFS solutions
  • New fire tested solutions based on British Gypsum, Siniat and Knauf plasterboard
  • New thermal and fire performance solutions using Rockwool insulation
  • New fire performance solutions using RCM Y Wall and Euroform Versaliner sheathing boards
  • Works with a wide range of external finishes, including brickwork, insulated render, timber cladding, composite panels, ventilated rainscreens and brick slip systems
  • CE and UKCA Marked
  • Full suite of BIM product data, downloadable and available for all products and accessories
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance and Collateral Warranties
  • Benefits of the New Range

Benefits of the new range

  • Cost and weight reductions of typically 5-10%
  • Thinner, more efficient through wall constructions
  • New 90mm stud for residential developments providing more usable floor area
  • Fire performance tested and assessed at BRE test laboratories
  • Through wall and floor solutions for structural, fire, acoustic and thermal performance
  • Greater deflection allowances for our slotted head track now up to +/-20mm

*Please note our traditional 100 mm range is still available.
Contact our team to find out more details on 0121 601 6000 or metsec.sfs@voestalpine.com.

Which metal framing system do I need?

Steel Framing is extremely versatile and it can be used to provide solutions to many different types of building construction. Metsec’s Framing system can provide a variety of value engineering solutions from external wall infill panels to internal high bay separating walls to complete superstructure load bearing solutions.
To find out more, see below for a summary of the benefits and key differences between each system.

External SFS Walls

metsec steel framing

SFS Infill Walling

The most common application for voestalpine Metsec SFS is infill walling. voestalpine Metsec steel is constructed from the floor to soffit of the primary structural frame to ‘infill’ the external wall zone. This option is typically the most economical solution and allows the SFS to be installed from the inside of the building.

  • Constructed from the floor to soffit of the primary structural frame to ‘infill’ the external wall zone
  • Most economical framing method
metsec sfs continuos walling

SFS Continuous Walling

Continuous walling is where the SFS is designed so that it ‘oversails’ the edge of the primary structure. This method is often used when a design team wants to maximise the amount of internal floor area or if they are using a cladding which cannot accommodate horizontal deflection joints at each floor level. Continuous walling is typically constructed from the outside of the building.

  • Oversails the edge of the primary structure
  • Studs sail past slab edge to maximise floor area
  • Cladding does not need to bridge deflection joints at each floor

Load Bearing Structures

metsec load bearing structures

SFS Load Bearing Structures

Load bearing structures make use of the axial capacity of the Metsec SFS studs, with studs designed as a series of columns to provide complete load bearing wall panels. Joists are provided to produce the floor and roof construction.

These structures are typically ‘stick built’ on site, which ensures maximum flexibility of the structure to suit site requirements. This flexibility makes load bearing structures ideally suited to penthouses or high level inset structures where it is important to keep the loads to a minimum. They also benefit from reduced crane and transport costs, when compared to pre-panelised solutions.

  • Lightweight structures up to 3 storeys
  • Ideal for penthouses and inset structures
  • Stick Built to ensure maximum flexibility
  • Lower transport costs compared to pre-panelised solution

Internal Walls

metsec-high bay walling solutions

High Bay Walling Solutions

High bay walls are similar to infill walls, except they are used internally to provide high separating walls for factory units or atriums. As they are often constructed within hot rolled steel portal frames, the amount of primary frame deflection that needs to be accommodated can be much greater than required for infill panels and bespoke details are typically provided to suit project requirements.

  • Constructed from the floor to soffit of the primary structural frame to ‘infill’ the external wall zone
  • Most economical framing method


Metframe is our pre-panelised, off-site framing solution that provides a load bearing structure for low to medium rise structures.


voestalpine Metsec Framing Division has a nationwide network of installers who have been approved by voestalpine Metsec. Many of these installers have also attended our in-house training courses.

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