Introducing Infill Walling

Our most economical framing method is our infill solutions. It is constructed from the floor to soffit of the primary structural frame to ‘infill’ the external wall zone.

Overview of the Infill Walling System

Metsec SFS infill walling forms a secondary structure which is fixed between the primary super structure at floor and soffit. It is generally positioned at the slab edge allowing insulation and external finishes to be installed continuously outside the main structural frame.

Parapets and Downstands

Parapets and downstands can readily be formed with SFS using Metsec’s cantilever posts, which can be incorporated within the Metsec framing. These posts can also be used to break up the span of wide openings and also allow the formation of ribbon windows.

Compound Sections

Where it is necessary to use sections with a higher capacity, single sections can be fixed together to form compound sections. This can be done for jamb, cill and lintel sections.

Zed Bars (Z402)

40 x 40 x 40 x 2mm zed bars can be provided in 2mm material and 600mm length. Zed bars are commonly used where there is not sufficient bearing at the head or base of the SFS panel.

Metsec Slotted Head Track

Metsec’s patented slotted head track has been developed to allow for the deflection in the primary structural frame without applying any vertical load into the studs. The studs are screw fixed to the slotted head track through pre-formed slots in the track.

Key advantages over alternative systems are:

Infill Walling Detail

For more information visit our downloads page which has access to our SFS Infill Installation Manual or download the file at the bottom of this page.


voestalpine Metsec BIM Guidance - SFS

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UKCA Mark SFS Framing

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SFS Specification Manual

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Metsec Framing Revit Files

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Metsec Framing IFC Files

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Metsec BIM Guidance

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Installation Pack - Load Bearing

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Installation Pack - Infill

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