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SFS Load Bearing System

voestalpine Metsec SFS load bearing is a complete load bearing system suitable for structures up to 5 storeys without the need for a primary hot rolled or reinforced concrete frame.

Load bearing structures make use of the axial capacity of the SFS frame, with studs designed as a series of columns to provide complete load bearing wall panels.

The system provides a complete load-bearing superstructure for low to medium rise structures with all voestalpine Metsec SFS components supplied to site loose and are assembled in-situ with Tek screwed connections.

The voestalpine Metsec SFS system has many advantages over traditional methods of construction. It is light-weight, fast track, durable and is suitable for confined sites. This flexibility makes load bearing structures ideally suited to penthouses or high level inset structures where it is important to keep the loads to a minimum. It also benefits from reduced crane and transport costs, when compared to pre-panelised solutions.


voestalpine Metsec’s SFS technical team can offer advice on wall and floor build-ups and have a library of test details to substantiate performance data for a range of build-ups. A full and bespoke design and detailing service can be provided. For this process to work effectively, the following basic architectural information should be provided by the design team:

  • Wall set-outs and build-ups
  • Structural set-out of apertures in walls
  • Floor build-up and positions where trimming-out required
  • Roof build-up and set-out and details of feature (i.e. eaves/parapets/hatches etc.)
  • Junction detail with supporting elements

Please note:
SFS Load bearing structures require a full voestalpine Metsec design prior to commencement of work on site.

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