voestalpine Metsec purlins eaves beams

Eaves Beams

Eaves beams are structural elements that support the eaves of a roof, which are the edges of the roof that overhang the wall. Eaves beams reduce the horizontal span of the roof cladding, transfer wind loads to the roof diaphragm, and prevent twisting due to eaves gutters. The voestalpine Metsec eaves beams is a purpose-designed profile for use as an eaves purlin, top sheeting rail and gutter support.

Maximum span

The voestalpine Metsec eaves beam caters for spans up to 15m depending on the load to be applied.


voestalpine Metsec eaves beams are designed as single span beams with combination loading in accordance with BS EN1990: 2002.

The load tables Eaves Beams Load Table represent their performance under the conditions stated but cannot cover all of the many functions possible. For this reason, and to help the designer, comprehensive geometrical design data is given in the physical properties table.

See Eaves Beam Details for stiffener cleats, packing plates and web hole options.