Eaves Beam Details

Eaves Beam Details

voestalpine Metsec eaves beams are designed to provide an unobstructed side sheeting face by the use of counterformed web holes that accept 16mm diameter countersunk set screws.

The packing plate accommodates the counterforming and enables standard eaves braces to be fitted, though the overall length of the eaves brace needs to be reduced by 6mm.

Plain web holes can be supplied and in such cases, the packing plate is not required and conventional 16mm diameter XOX bolts are used.

Download our purlin technical manual in the downloads section at the bottom of the page for more information.

Use of stiffener cleats

Side rail support systems up to a sheeting height of 10m (see page 39 for recommendations) can be suspended from the bottom flange of the eaves beam. In such cases, a stiffening cleat (galvanised finish) must be included and the eaves brace overall length reduced by a further 6mm (cleat thickness).

Cladding Flush with Column Face

* Overall length of eaves beam is column centres less half column width each end less 20mm (i.e. 10mm each end).

Cladding Outside Column Face

Overall length of eaves beam is column centres less 6mm (i.e. 3mm each end).

End fixing cleat (supplied by others) bolted or welded to column.

Packing Plates

Material – 6mm mild steel galvanised finish

Packing Plates

Ref No Section Series Centres mm Length mm
PP 142 142 56 116
PP 172 172/170 86 146
PP 202 202 116 176
PP 232 232/230 146 206
PP 262 262/270 176 236
PP 302 302 195 255
PP 342 342/330 235 295

Web Hole Options

Web holes can be plain or counterformed to suit the fixing requirement.

Web hole options