gutter details

Eaves Gutter Details

Eaves beams and purlins should be selected from their respective load tables.

If necessary, non-standard eaves braces can be fabricated to suit individual cases. It is essential to use bolted web connections when fixing eaves beams to stanchions. The use of an eaves brace is necessary within the span of the eaves beam to resist horizontal wind loading and torsion from eccentric gutter loads. When braced to the first purlin, as shown in the details below, such forces are dispersed through the diaphragm action of the roof. It is assumed that the compression flange of the eaves beam is fully restrained by the sheeting.

Download our purlins techincal manual at the bottom of the page for more information.

Exposed Eaves Gutter

Detail at column

Exposed eaves gutter

Detail within span

Gutter Detail with span

Concealed Eaves Gutter

Detail at column

Concealed eaves gutter

Detail within span

Curved Eaves

The purlin and side rail systems can be used to provide support to roof and side cladding using the appropriate load table for the system in question.

Eaves braces and the side rail support system should be used dependent on span and loading requirements.

Curved eaves

Curved Eaves With Concealed Gutter

The concealed gutter is accommodated in conjunction with the curved eaves detail with support given to the lower roof purlin by the sloping eaves purlin support shown and the rainwater gutter.

The special sloping eaves purlin support can be supplied by voestalpine Metsec if required. The side rail support system should be used dependent on span and loading requirements.

curved eaves concealed gutter

Curved Base

To complement the curved eaves detail, a support system should be included at the base of the side cladding as shown. The sloping side rail support member being included is dependent upon span and loading requirements.

If support can be taken from the masonry, the sloping side rail support may be omitted.

Curved base