MF Systems

MF SystemThe Suspended MF System ceilings are ideal for commercial and domestic applications, where services are to be accommodated and when upgrading and protecting existing structures. Ceiling height may be varied to accommodate services or ducting, etc. providing a high performance ceiling with sound insulation and fire protection.

They are compatible with the partitioning system and suitable for direct decoration or textured finish. Always suspend heavy loads, air ducting, lighting units, etc. directly from structural soffit to avoid loading of the suspension framing and always alienate connecting clips on primary channels.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to cut to length using tin strips
  • Mineral wool can be incorporated for thermal or acoustic insulation
  • Creates a seamless surface suitable to receive most decorative finishes
  • Fits easily together
  • Suitable for fixing all types of plasterboard
  • Creates void above the ceiling for services
  • Improved acoustic performances can be achieved by using Acoustic Hangers

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