Metsec Launches Latest Version of MetSPEC 14

Metsec Launches Latest Version of MetSPEC

voestalpine Metsec plc is launching its latest release of its popular MetSPEC software, 28 years after being first-to-market with its widely-adopted software for designing purlin systems.

MetSPEC 14, due for release spring 2017, incorporates both British Standards and Eurocodes into one piece of software. New section sizes have also been included within the new software, giving a more complete solution to engineers using the software.

Historically, structural engineers used load tables to calculate solutions and had the time-consuming task of working out specific bespoke solutions using inflexible load tables.

Metsec, the UK’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company providing products for the construction and manufacturing industries, identified this gap and sought to create a solution for its structural engineer customers.

The first release of the MetSPEC software was issued in June 1989, just as structural design was starting to become computerised. The software was distributed free-of-charge to the industry, providing absolute flexibility of design. Subsequent editions were released to meet the needs of structural engineers and reflect new industry standards, as well as demand for more complex information from managing snow loads to wind speeds.

Kevin Jones, sales director for Metsec Purlins, said: “MetSPEC 14 is our first release of software for seven years, and we’ve combined both the British Standards and the Eurocodes to streamline the software for our users.

“Our original objective all those years ago was simply to make life easier for structural engineers. Our customers found load tables outdated and restrictive so we decided to create a software which would make calculating purlin requirements faster and easier for them.

“Today it’s all about the incorporating the latest standards and being a tool for engineers to use to help them with the design process.”

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