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Z600 designed to meet NHBC standards

Metsec’s Z600 galvanised steel section provides an ideal means of meeting the requirements for steel protection laid out in the latest edition of the National House Building Council’s (NHBC) moisture control standards for light steel framing in new residential buildings, including houses, apartments, student accommodation and care homes

Chapter 6.10.16 of the NHBC standards states that the structure should be adequately protected from the effects of moisture where light steel framing is used at low level. Consideration should be given to the durability of materials, protection of the building from moisture ingress and thermal bridging. The standards quote three issues which should be included in these considerations and gives guidance on potential solutions. These issue are:-

  1. Cavities in external walls
  2. Protection of steel at low level
  3. Damp-proof courses, damp-proof membranes and cavity trays

Where steel protection is concerned, the NHBC now stipulates that the base rail of the steel framing should either be 150mm above external ground level (or waterproofing layer of a balcony, flat roof or terrace) or, where the rail or lowest steel is less than 150mm above this level, additional protection of the steel should be considered.

The additional protection should be a factory-applied treatment to achieve a 60-year design life. This can be achieved through galvanising to 600g/m2 (Z600) or applying bituminous paint to the standard 275g/m2 (Z275) galvanised steel.

Metsec offers Z600 galvanised steel section as part of its Steel Framing Systems. As Regional Sales Manager, Steve Clark explains; “The Z600 steel is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way of meeting the NHBC standard for steel protection in areas of buildings that may experience greater levels of moisture.

“Z600 steel is easily incorporated within the manufacturing process for a project and does away with the need for messy and time-consuming secondary surface treatments.

“We always encourage the project design team to engage with us as early as possible on all projects. Provided that our design team is aware of the requirements at the early stages of a project, Z600 stud and base track can be factored into the designs without any implications for lead times.”

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