What is Metframe?

Metframe is a modern off-site pre-panelised framing solution with a traditional feel.

Formed in panels fabricated off-site, the ability for Metframe to bring factory achievable tolerances to a site-based environment is a benefit that has been embraced across the country. Speed, sustainability, flexibility, quality and technical knowledge are just some of Metframe’s benefits which has been used in a number of sectors including; residential, student accommodation, hotels and care homes.

See some of Metframe’s key benefits below

Q. The site is in a built up area in a confined space

A. Metframe panels are pre-assembled, they are then delivered to site in the required erection sequence and craned into position. This means lower environmental impact on the site and surrounding areas. Dealing with tight construction sites has been achieved on numerous projects across the country.


Q. The project must not overrun!

A. With floors taking between 2-3 weeks to complete, certain follow on trades can start as work progresses on the floor above. Metframe builds are frequently completed ahead of schedule leading to early occupancy, and build time is typically up to 30% faster when compared to alternative construction methods.


Q. The project must be cost effective

A. Metframe saves money in many ways. Here’s just a few examples:

  • It’s lighter in weight when compared against some construction methods, so there are potential savings in both the supporting structure and foundations when utilising the Metframe system
  • Metframe uses a shallow form of construction that allows storey heights to be reduced often below 3m. Over multiple floors this allows significant savings to be offered on the project costs due to reduced finishes, service runs etc
  • Using BIM during design means the ability to manage the work flow with other members of the design team to minimise unforeseen errors on-site occurring


Q. The project requires a traditional feel

A. Metframe is suitable to use with a variety of external finishes meaning the new build can blend in with the existing style of surrounding buildings. Large bay windows with castellation, feature stone work and mansard roofs can all be used with Metframe. With the concrete floor typically used on Metframe projects, to the end user there is no discernible difference when compared with traditional construction methods.


Q. Fire, acoustic and thermal performance is paramount

A. We have some of the most up to date fire and acoustic data for any LGS frame available. Our fire performance data is tested or assessed at the UK’s leading Test Centre – The BRE, with over 250 combinations.


BIM and Revit

We’ve created a new facility on our website which allows the design, construction and installation team to more easily understand and incorporate popular, standard construction details. The details also feature a Revit download button where users can request Revit files which can be incorporated directly into their own design files, providing useful additional information and enhancing BIM compliance.

If you want to find out more about Metframe or our CPD Seminars, download our new Introduction to Metframe Guide or email metsec.metframe@voestalpine.com.