Weekly News Bulletin – 9th February 2018

This week we shared news that a £30bn public framework is coming up for tender in April. This is the first time a construction works framework will be been drawn up and, if taken by major Government clients, could bring an end to significant procurement duplication in England due to previous frameworks. We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

BIM Today published an informative article about virtual design and construction (VDC) and its application in Building Information Management (BIM). With the revolution of digital tools to help the construction industry fine-tune projects before physical construction starts, it has been hailed as the future of construction. We would recommend reading this if you want to know more on this integrated approach to save time and money.

We also shared an article written by our very own Richard Allen, general manager of Cable Management Division, on how the construction industry can address the skills shortage. As a current topic in the industry, it is estimated that more than a quarter of a million people need to enter the workforce each year until 2024 to keep up with demand and Richard considers ways to meet this goal.

In a similar vein, The Business Desk released news that Coventry is prepared to become the 2021 UK City of Culture. This status could result in a £1bn boost to the broader economy and a focused aim to combat the skills shortage that the city is experiencing. What are your opinions on the skills shortages and how do you think it should be tackled?

We shared news that the British Safety Council is to help the United Arab Emirate’s Ministry of Education update aspects of the national curriculum, such as health and safety. Here at Metsec, we are proud that we work in such a regulated environment that protects both our employees and customers, and welcome the UAE’s approach to improving standards.

Finally, BIM Today announced the release of the first web-based, real-time change detection software for 3D construction models. Created by 3D Repo, this cloud-based solution called 3D Diff can quickly detect changes in underlying 3D constructions models to allow the user to spot any differences between any two revisions. Do you think you will use this piece of software?

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Record £30bn public works framework due out soon

The Government’s Crown Commercial Service has put the industry on alert for a recording-breaking Government works framework.


Virtual design and construction and its applications in BIM

Virtual design and construction can greatly improve the efficiency of projects by allowing fine-tuning before work begins – and together with BIM, ensures finished buildings reflect their digital versions


Investing in people: How the industry can address the skills shortage

The skills shortage in the UK is well-documented, with the shortage most acute in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Too few trainees are entering the industry from education and, with an ageing workforce nationally, the growth of the sectors are at risk of being stunted by a chronic lack of skills.


Closing the Skills Gap – Coventry’s Big Challenge

Coventry stands on the threshold of one of the most significant events in its history as it prepares to be the 2021 UK City of Culture.


British Safety Council to advise UAE

The British Safety Council is to help update the United Arab Emirates’ national curriculum on health and safety.


3D Repo launches web solution for 3D construction models

BIM technology innovator 3D Repo has announced the release of the first web-based, real-time change detection software for 3D construction models