Weekly News Bulletin – 8th December 2017

This week has been incredibly busy for construction and manufacturing news, and here are our top news stories from the week.

We shared news that the government has published plans for a £600bn infrastructure investment pipeline. Whilst the Government believes that investment into the construction sector will save £15bn by increasing productivity, there has been opposing views that claim that these plans were previously promised by the Government but never implemented. What are your views? Do you believe this investment will happen, and if so, will it be successful?

In a similar vein, we also shared Property Week’s feedback on the new government construction sector deal. In this thought piece, it is discussed how digital skills are needed to maximise the potential of the deal and make the most out of the investment. Here at Metsec, we are committed to investing not only in the latest technologies but also the skillset of our employees.

The Construction Index released news that Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has decided to act ahead of the findings from the official review into the Grenfell Tower. This includes development proposals having to achieve the ‘highest standards’ of fire safety, such as fire evacuation lifts and sprinklers where applicable. Do you think these measures are enough to prevent another tower fire in the future?

Reuters reported that, in reaction in increasing British manufacturing output, British factories are looking to increase investment to overcome a predicted sluggish start to 2018. Here at Metsec, we are committed to investing in our manufacturing process at all points.

We shared an important PBC today article regarding structural engineering software and cloud computing. With a rising population, an increasing concern is related to ensuring new architecture is not only sustainable and efficient but also conforms to strict design and safety regulations. Software, such as BIM, can assist at the design stages onwards to ensure collaboration from all involved parties to result in an efficient construction project. What are your experiences with construction software?

Finally, we reported that UK manufacturing and construction have grown beyond predictions for the end of this year. With the industry being confident that this will continue into 2018, we’re excited to see where 2018 will take the industry!

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Government opens £600bn pipeline to develop major infrastructure projects

The government has published plans for a £600bn infrastructure investment pipeline, designed to bring major new construction projects across the UK.

Construction sector deal is not a government handout

Faced with low productivity and a growing skills shortage, we need to urgently reform the way we build if we’re to deliver new homes, infrastructure and commercial real estate to support the UK’s economic growth.

Draft London plan brings higher fire safety standards

New fire safety standards are being written into London planning rules in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire but sprinklers will not be compulsory.

Factories plan to ramp up investment – EEF

British factories intend to increase investment at the strongest pace in four years, adding to signs that manufacturing will help support an otherwise sluggish economy in 2018, an industry survey showed on Monday.

Can structural engineering software meet the demands of the future?

Sam Carigliano, CEO and co-founder of SkyCiv, explores the role of structural engineering software and cloud computing

UK manufacturing and construction ending year on a high

Both manufacturing and construction in the UK have received a positive push into 2018. Manufacturing benefitted from a growth in exports while increased house building boosted the construction sector.