Weekly News Bulletin – 29th September 2017

Martin Hannan reported that thousands of new jobs in Scotland’s growing central belt will be created as a result of major plans to boost investment in the technology sector. An audit, produced by a consortium led by Glasgow Economic Leadership, envisions a three percent per year increase in productivity in the manufacturing sector. With evolution of technology set to play a major role in our industry, this is encouraging news.

The Express & Star published a story on a new school in Wolverhampton that is offering students the opportunity to study and work with the latest technologies such as BIM. West Midlands Construction UTC opened this month and has already seen 240 students sign up to receive industry-standard qualifications. This is a progressive step towards tackling the recognised skill shortage within the industry.

It was also announced by Construction Enquirer that a construction boom is igniting in major cities throughout the UK as investors continue to significantly support build-to-rent projects. With nearly 100,000 homes set to be created, this is a promising prospect for the growth of our sector.

Trade federation, Build UK, has openly voiced its support of the Chartered Institute of Builders (CITB) and the continuation of its training levy this week. The skills body is now on track to secure more than 50 percent of the industry’s vote in order to survive. This is an interesting development and we will keep an eye on its progression before reporting the final outcome.

Finally, we welcomed news that new drone technology could save the construction industry up to £265m a year. With winter just around the corner, we can soon expect shorter days, resulting in shorter working hours for those within the construction industry according to a new analysis undertaken by insurance provider Direct Line for Business. However, Direct Line Group may have a solution that can boost productivity during the dark winter months. Its Fleetlight uses drone technology to shine light in the trickiest of environments, helping workforces to see clearly all year round.

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Wednesfield development backed by £3.7m from WMCA

New industrial buildings will be springing up in Wolverhampton thanks to £3.7m backing from the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).

Plan to create thousands of new jobs in central belt’s burgeoning technology sector

A MAJOR plan to boost investment and create “thousands of jobs” in the growing technology sector in Scotland’s central belt has been unveiled by Strathclyde University.

Innovation is name of game at West Midlands Construction UTC

Already 240 youngsters have signed up to the school which offers industry-standard qualifications and experience in a range of technology-driven subjects.

Build-to-rent fuels 100,000 homes construction boom

Build-to-rent projects are igniting a construction boom in major cities across the country as investors pour cash into schemes.

Build UK votes to back CITB

The trade federation, which represents 40 per cent of UK construction, saw 96 per cent of its members vote, with 96 per cent supporting the CITB.

Bright idea could save construction industry up to £265m a year

Construction companies across the UK could be collectively losing as much as £265 million every year because a lack of light in winter prevents employees working.