Weekly News Bulletin – 20th October 2017

This week we shared news from Construction Enquirer that Theresa May has met with representatives of housing developers, associations and local government to discuss plans to boost construction levels. This included discussions about skill levels, modern methods of construction and government measures. Here at Metsec, we hope to see proactive steps being taken from this meeting.

The BBC announced that UK inflation is at its highest since April 2012, sitting at 3%. The Bank of England’s governor, Mark Carney, is anticipating a further increase in inflation in the coming months due to the fall in the value of the pound. We will keep you updated as we know more.

We also proudly shared our latest feature exploring the BIM process and its importance in the construction industry. We would recommend reading this insightful article if you’re interested in aspects of BIM, such as legislation.

The Birmingham Post shared that historic US engineering firm, Burns & McDonnell, is to open its first UK office in Birmingham. Burns & McDonnell hopes to bring innovation to the electric industry in the UK. We’re excited to see what support they can offer to the UK’s infrastructure, in particular energy storage and renewable energy.

Finally, we saw UK Construction Online report on a Midlands Engine project in Rugby. The Midlands Engine project has committed to building 600,000 homes in total by 2030, with 6,200 being built in Rugby. We look forward to see how this project progressing, increasing jobs and revenue in the area.

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Prime Minister summons house builders to strategy meeting

Theresa May met with housing developers, housing associations and local government yesterday to discuss plans to boost construction levels.

UK inflation at highest since April 2012

The UK’s key inflation rate hit its highest for more than five years in September, driven up by increases in transport and food prices.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail: Time as a critical factor of BIM Level 2

Sales director of framing at voestalpine Metsec plc, the first tier 2 designer and manufacturer certified to BIM Level 2 for Design and Construction in the UK, explores the processes involved in BIM and how time is a crucial element in its successful deployment

Historic US engineering firm opens first UK base in Birmingham

Burns & McDonnell, which was founded in 1898 by two Stanford University engineering graduates, specialises in designing and building infrastructure throughout the world.

Midlands Engine, delivering the vision

The Midlands Engine is investing into the delivery of housing for the area, bringing new talent into the Midlands and making it an attractive prospect for families.