Weekly News Bulletin – 20th April 2018

This week we discuss latest updates in the construction and manufacturing industry from PCB Today‘s news on improving construction productivity to the Apprenticeship Levy.

PCB Today released news that the UK could save £15 billion every year through increasing construction productivity. Recognised as a ‘game changer’, the government programme named ‘Transforming Infrastructure Performance’ (TIP) has the main objective of boosting productivity and revolutionising the sector. With a ten year scope, TIP should address core issues that reduce productivity and embrace new technologies to overcome any barriers. What are your thoughts? Do you think TIP will help improve productivity?

We also shared an interesting piece from Lexology questioning if the Apprenticeship Levy has worked since being introduced over a year ago. During the year, it has attracted criticism from smaller businesses who believe it is an ‘additional tax’, and figures are now showing that there is a low utilisation of the fund that were raised, which supports this view. Do you support the Apprenticeship Levy?

On a similar topic, FE News released a thought piece about the impact of the levy on apprenticeship quality. We recommend reading this thorough and in-depth piece for understanding how the levy works, the effect on apprenticeship starts, changing patterns for apprentices in terms of age and level, and analysis of the target for the levy.

The Business Desk reported that despite the Carillion Collapse and snow storms in previous months, construction workloads have remained resilient and consistent according to analysis by RICS. With additional comments that both new, repair and maintenance work is rising steadily, have you noticed any change for at your company?

Finally, this week we shared news from The Construction Index that the Construction Industry Training Board has published its three-year business plan which details how it will spend its money. This includes a focus on lobbying, marketing and campaigning, plus producing reports to influence policy makers. We’ll update you as we know more.

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UK could save £15bn every year by lifting construction productivity

Last December, the UK government announced its new productivity programme which is expected to deliver savings of £15bn every year.


The Apprenticeship Levy, has it worked?

The Apprenticeship Levy has now been in force for a year. The government’s aim in introducing the Levy was to reverse the decline in the use of apprenticeships by ring fencing funds which would be set aside in order to tackle skills shortages. One year on, has it worked?


The impact of the levy on apprenticeship quantity. Part 1

This is part 1 of a daily analysis of the Reform report on the Apprenticeship Levy that FE News are running this week.


Construction workloads ‘resilient’ despite Carillion and snow storms

Construction workloads in the Midlands remained resilient despite bad weather and a weaker near-term economic outlook, in the first quarter of 2018 – according to analysis by RICS.


CITB sets out business plan

The Construction Industry Training Board has published its three-year business plan that sets out how the slimmed-down organisation will spend its money.