Weekly News Bulletin – 17th November 2017

The London Fire Brigade has warned that fire safety building ‘must improve’, according to a BBC report this week. In the aftermath still felt after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the London Fire Brigade want to see more stringent checks on construction with a robust, independent on-site inspection programme. Do you agree?

We also saw that whilst the construction activity in Ireland is continuing to grow, the pace is still weak. Overall, construction firms are reporting that new business levels are steady, as is employment. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues into the New Year.

Did you know that since April 2016, using BIM Level 2 in public sector projects is compulsory? We do, and have a wealth of literature and experience surrounding BIM Level 2 and its cost and time-saving benefits. Want to know more? Click the below link to watch our quick video.

On the topic of BIM, MEM UK released an opinion piece about BIM in the construction and manufacturing industry. One of the most insightful points was that the construction industry is not considered as innovative with technology, but BIM has the potential to modernise the industry if used effectively. BIM Today also mirrors this thought, with its article praising offsite construction after government reports endorse offsite. Using BIM can improve the flow of information and ensure successful onsite assembly. What are your thoughts on BIM, and do you use it currently?

As you know, here at Metsec we feel very strongly about apprenticeships and the value they hold for both the employer and apprentice. It’s a win-win for both parties! This week, we shared news of the first online database of government approved apprenticeships to ensure the best role and candidate can be found quickly and with ease. What are your thoughts on apprenticeships?

We also shared a thought piece from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers focused on investment in training rather than ‘cannibalising’ talent from elsewhere. As a flourishing industry, we believe that we should be inclusive and focused on expanding the talent pool. At Metsec, we invest in our apprenticeships in any way we can to ensure they have a fulfilled career where they are actively contributing to the industry.

Finally, Information Age released a thought piece surrounding manufacturers embracing technology. It has said that the construction industry can be perceived as old fashioned, with 46% of British companies failing to get involved in the ‘Internet of Things’. We believe in the importance of embracing technology to become a smarter, faster and more efficient industry. This is supported by an interesting thought piece from BIM Today which looks at the impact digital has had on the construction industry and how to gaze into the future of construction, including potential barriers. What do you think are the main barriers to the industry adopting new technology?

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Building fire safety ‘must improve’, London Fire Brigade warns

More serious fires such as that at Grenfell Tower could happen unless safety measures get more priority, the London Fire Brigade (LFB) has warned.

Growth in Irish construction slows

Construction activity in Ireland continues to rise but the pace is the weakest in 31 months.

What is BIM?

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is the collective pooling and sharing of information on a project.

BIM in Construction and Benefits to Manufacturing

The construction industry has suffered until recently from a technology bypass, looking instead to rely on centuries-old processes in order to manage business projects that are becoming increasingly more complex and demanding while also requiring a faster execution time.

BIM in Construction and Benefits to Manufacturing

Why geometry is more important to offsite construction than data

The focus on the value of data in offsite construction is understandable but, cautions Lee Mullin of Autodesk, the importance of geometric design information cannot be overlooked

The first online searchable database of apprenticeship standards has been launched by AllAboutSchoolLeavers.co.uk

The easy-to-use search tool allows young people – as well as employers, teachers and careers advisers – to find all government approved apprenticeship standards, filtered by sector, industry and apprenticeship level

Manufacturers told to invest in training, not ‘cannibalise’ talent

Manufacturers must urgently invest in training rather than “cannibalising” talent from elsewhere in the sector, the director of a new training centre has said.

Smarter and faster – why manufacturers must embrace the Internet of Things

The manufacturing sector is seeing significant benefit from IoT – better machine performance, saving millions on energy and improving staff efficiency

Future-gazing: BIM, data and the future of construction

BIM Today sits down with AECOM’s Stefan Mordue to discuss future-gazing and the impact digital transformation is already having on construction