Weekly News Bulletin – 16th November 2018

It’s been an interesting news week and there’s a lot to digest on how Brexit will ultimately affect the construction industry. However, it’s not all bad news as Construction Enquirer reported that construction output is on the rise. Over the course of the year, the sector has seen continual improvements, rising by 2.1% in the third quarter from July to September. It will be interesting to see if this positive uptake continues.

There was also an informative piece shared by PBC Today, assessing the impact of the digital revolution on the industry. The piece suggests that digitalisation in the industry is a lot broader than BIM and there are many other systems and tools that businesses can utilise to their advantage. Check out the article below to learn more.

Electronics Weekly reported on the launch of a new UK engineering university in Hereford, which is the first of its kind for 40 years. This is a step in the right direction for STEM and we look forward to welcoming the next generation of engineers from the university into the industry.

Staying on the topic of engineering, Prospects published a feature from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on its commitment to tackling the skills gap and promoting the importance of engineering and its impact on the world in which we live. We recommend reading this piece if you’d like to learn more about how we can help promote and futureproof the engineering industry.

Finally, there’s no escaping the power of BIM and this week we saw an interesting piece from PBC Today on how it’s helping to transform the UK residential and commercial building sectors. At Metsec, we recognise the importance of utilising BIM to help us work more collaboratively within the industry and we’re committed to going above and beyond with our BIM offering, as our wide range of accreditations highlights.

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Construction new work output grows 2.8% in third quarter

Construction output has continued to recover after a relatively weak start to the year, rising by 2.1% in the third quarter from July to September.


Site Digital Twin: Physical vs digital worksites

A site digital twin could help to avoid duplication of data across platforms and ensure project information is up-to-date


UK engineering university launched in Hereford

New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE), Britain’s first new purpose-built university for 40 years, has been launched today at Hereford Cathedral.


Closing the engineering skills gap

Engineering is what humans do. We use our intelligence to diagnose and then solve problems to aid our survival and improve wellbeing of those around us.


Is your BIM fully optimised for your business?

There is growing and quite understandable hype concerning BIM, but how it is helping to transform both the UK residential and commercial building sectors?