Weekly News Bulletin – 16th February 2018

This week we shared news from Personnel Today that research commissioned by the Resolution Foundation has found that 43% of organisations have increased their use of agency workers over the past five years. Due to Brexit uncertainty and cost pressures, a quarter of 500 HR professionals surveyed are expecting this to increase over the next five years. Do you currently use agency workers to fill staffing gaps?

BIM TODAY shared a thought piece from our very own sales director of Framing division at voestalpine Metsec plc, who discusses why collaboration is key in construction projects. One of the main points Simmonds focuses on is the importance of collaboration and communication at the initial stages of a project. Having the main parties, such as the main contractor and sub-contractor, involved from the beginning can, more often than not, result in large savings in both time and cost.

On a similar topic, with all of the current news about BIM Level 2, we shared our quick two minute video on BIM. As the first cold roll forming company to be certified to BIM Level 2 by the BSI, we are passionate about communicating just what BIM Level 2 can do for your company. Click below to see a bite-sized overview of what BIM Level 2 is and how it can provide impressive cost savings.

TES reported that new apprenticeship levy rules include giving employers the freedom to choose who they give a portion of their funding to. From April, companies can transfer 10% of their levy funds to an organisation of their choice, as long as both parties are registered on the apprenticeship service. Does this change your view on apprenticeships?

Finally, we shared another thought piece from our framing sales director on why there can be a significant difference between projected costs versus final costs. Analysing ways in which traditional project planning methods can result in this exceeded cost, Simmonds offers tools, such as using BIM, which can help to keep a project on track.

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Boom in agency worker use over last five years

Four in 10 (43%) organisations increased their use of agency workers over the last five years as they struggled to fill staffing gaps.


Coordination and cooperation: Why collaboration is key in construction projects

Our sales director of framing at voestalpine Metsec plc, discusses the keys to successful collaboration and how promoting cooperation and coordination delivers construction project success


BIM in 2 Minutes

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is the collective pooling and sharing of information on a project.


‘No restrictions’ over who apprenticeship funds can be transferred to

Employers will be free to choose who they want to give a portion of their funding to, as long as both parties are registered on the apprenticeship service


Inbound vs Outbound Project Costs

In this feature, sales director for framing at voestalpine Metsec plc examines why there can be a significant difference between projected costs versus final costs and reviews how changing the approach to planning the project can bring these figures closer together.