Weekly News Bulletin – 13th July 2018

This week we saw news from The Construction Index that the construction industry is being slow in preparing for the post-Brexit labour supply crisis that may be experienced. According to research from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), one in three construction firms is already feeling the impact of Brexit in terms of labour but their HR departments are not taking action to resolve it, and are not planning to either. This is concerning news when nearly half of the 400 employers questioned expect the recruitment of skilled workers to become increasingly difficult over the new two years. What are your thoughts? Are you prepared for the effects of Brexit?

In similar news, Construction Global released an interesting thought piece that looks at the challenges and opportunities facing the UK construction industry. The article looks at the rebound the industry is experiencing since the slow start to the year, the concerns surrounding Brexit and what businesses are considering to combat these concerns. We would recommend reading this piece to find out more about what Construction Global considers to be the answers to the challenges the construction industry is facing.

The Construction Enquirer reported that the Government has received criticism from the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee in the wake of the Carillion collapse for prioritising cost over quality. According to the report produced by the committee, the Government’s focus on price has resulted in contractors taking unacceptable levels of financial risk. It is hoped that this report will highlight the dangers of mismanaged contracts and market relationships to prevent another situation such as the Carillion crisis.

In related news, former Carillion chief executive Richard Howson has blamed the Government for the Carillion collapse, due to their payment practices. In a letter written by Howson and published by the Parliamentary enquiry, he accuses the government of delaying payments and disputing amounts but claims that Carillion never took legal action against the Government, for fear of losing future work. We’ll update you as we know more.

We also shared the exciting first look at the £4.5 million NEC transformation. The first stage of the three-year project was started last month and is expected to be completed in late August. The transformation will see 37 translucent pyramid structures that can be backlit to create a visual effect.

Finally, this week we shared an interesting insight from the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, which revealed the pros and cons of a multi-generational workforce. According to a YouGov survey of middle-market businesses, factors such as improved living standards and legal protection against age discrimination have resulted in five generations of employees seen to be working side by side. Having a multi-generation workforce can come with its difficulties, such as increased risk of conflict, but 72 per cent of those surveyed felt having a diverse workforce helped the company to have a more comprehensive skill set and knowledge base. Do you work in a multi-generational workplace, and if so, what are your experiences?

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CITB research exposes lack of Brexit preparation in HR departments

Research from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) reveals that the industry is being slow to prepare for post-Brexit labour supply.

Brexit, skills and innovation: The challenges and opportunities facing the UK construction industry

The UK construction industry continued to rebound in June, beating expectations with activity hitting a seven-month high.

Ex Carillion boss Howson blames Government for collapse

Former Carillion chief executive Richard Howson has slammed Government payment practices and their part in the contractor’s collapse.

Government slammed for focus on lowest price bids

The Government has been slammed for prioritising cost rather than quality when it comes to outsourcing and contracting.

NEC unveils new look for £4.5 million transformation

The NEC has unveiled details of a £4.5 million project that is aimed at completely transforming the look and feel of the Birmingham exhibition and events venue.

Survey reveals pros and cons of multi-generational workforce

Employers value the differing skill sets and knowledge that a multi-generational workforce can bring – but many worry that with this comes the increased potential for conflict.