Weekly News Bulletin – 11th May 2018

This week, we shared news from The Guardian calling for rapid progression on the UK’s industrial strategy. The manufacturers organisation, EEF, has called on the government to address the productivity slump that can be seen in key sectors. When comparing UK productivity with other EU countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy, the EEF found that the pharmaceuticals sector has lost ground since 2008. The EEF had also seen a growth fall in manufacturing productivity based on output per hour worked. Whilst this was an average of 4.7% per year between 2000 and 2007, it has since fallen to a 1% average. With the manufacturing sector offering a good area to gain productivity growth, there are calls for the Government to create an industrial strategy council to focus on how to improve productivity. What are your thoughts? Have you noticed a reduction in productivity in the manufacturing sector?

In similar news, we shared an article that claims that UK manufacturing is twice as big as is often thought. According to research from the analyst Oxford Economics, the manufacturing sector represents 23% of UK GDP, even though this was originally believed to 9%. Accounting for more than 7.4 million jobs, we are proud to work in such a vital industry that is integral to the UK economy.

BIMTODAY released an interesting piece in regards to whether people really engage with Building Information Modelling (BIM). When used appropriately, BIM can provide substantial cost savings as all costs are worked out before any materials are purchased. We would recommend reading this article if you are interested in how to fully utilise BIM for any construction projects. Here at Metsec, we are BIM Level 2 certified and use BIM at the beginning of every construction project, where possible.

This week we also read an interesting piece from tes about how apprenticeships are not only for the young and inexperienced. With concerns surrounding the national skills shortage that we are expected to see in the next 20 years, particularly in the construction sector, the question of apprenticeships has never been more current. Whilst there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the Apprenticeship Levy, this article argues that it is opening the door for those that are older to undertake an apprenticeship to increase knowledge and productivity. What are you opinions? Are you in support of the Apprenticeship Levy?

The Manufacturer released news that the UK is amongst the world’s top economies to embrace industrial automation. According to a report by ABB and The Economist Intelligence Unit, the UK is ranked eighth for being best-prepared for industrial automation, also known as Industry 4.0. What are your opinions on Industry 4.0?

Finally, we shared a piece from our sales director for Framing, on the importance of site visits. If you want to understand more about the important role site visits play in a successful build, and why we not only encourage site visits but also assistance and training, then we recommend reading it.

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‘Urgent’ plan needed to improve productivity, say UK manufacturers

Government needs to make faster progress on industrial strategy, says EEF


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A lot of people say they ‘do’ BIM. But what does that really mean? Niraj Mistry, senior BIM assessor at Stroma Certification, says BIM is actually about joining the dots through engagement and collaboration


Apprenticeships are not just for the young and inexperienced

The apprenticeship levy has broadened the definition of apprenticeships, writes Professor George Feiger from Aston Business School


UK manufacturing is twice as big as usually thought

Manufacturing accounts for nearly a quarter of the UK economy and more than 7.4 million jobs depend on it – far more than usually thought – according to new research commissioned by the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA).


UK among world’s top economies to embrace industrial automation

South Korea, Germany and Singapore are the world’s top-ranked economies in their preparations for smoothly integrating intelligent automation; the UK is ranked eighth, according to a new report.


The Importance of Site Visits

There are several elements that contribute to a successful build; products, materials, people and design to name a few. While training and development are hailed as important foundations for a smooth-running project, there are other factors to consider that play a critical role in the success of an installation.