Weekly News Bulletin – 6th July 2018

This week, we saw news from the Construction Enquirer that the government has released details of a construction sector deal launched last November. With aims to halve build times through using new digital manufacturing technologies and offsite manufacturing, the Build UK chief executive believes this plan should result in a brighter future for UK construction. We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

The Guardian reported that UK construction has seen better than expected June figures after overcoming the previous month’s slowdown, thought to be a result of the heavy snow earlier this year. These figures support reports that the earlier low figures were due to the weather as opposed to trading issues, which was previously feared. Have you noticed an increase in trade?

We shared news from the Construction Enquirer that Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust is planning to restart the stalled Midlands hospital with a new PF2 deal. After the collapse of Carillion in January, the trust is looking to complete the project, which is two-thirds finished, through a completely new PF2 contract. We’d recommend clicking the link below if you are interested in this opportunity.

The Construction Enquirer reported that 80 Carillion workers are looking to take legal action for back pay. Backed by Union Unite, the group are claiming that they were dismissed without proper consultation in the wake of Carillion’s collapse. If successful, the workers can be entitled to up to 90 day’s pay but due to Carillion’s liquidation, this would be capped at 8 weeks at a maximum weekly amount of £489.00.

We saw an interesting thought piece from Geospatial World that looked to investigate what automation means to architects. With the rise of industry 4.0 and automation, we would recommend reading this article to see how technologies such as BIM and 3D printing can help to transform the construction process from design to manufacture.

Finally, Construction News shared a piece from the housing minister, Dominic Raab with thoughts that offsite construction can replace unskilled labour from abroad. With concerns that Brexit could leave the construction industry without labour, we would recommend reading this opinion piece for insight into how offsite construction can help to address this issue. Here at Metsec, we offer offsite solutions wherever possible to make a project as cost and time efficient as possible.

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Government aims to halve build times again

The government is finally releasing further details of its construction sector deal which was launched last November.

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Plan to restart stalled Midlands hospital with new PF2 deal

Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust is calling up contractors to finish the stalled Midland Metropolitan Hospital project as a new PF2 deal.

Carillion workers sue for back pay

Union Unite is backing a claim by 80 Carillion workers that they were dismissed without proper consultation in the wake of the group’s collapse.

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