UK subsidiary, voestalpine Metsec is passionate about the recruitment and development of young talent and prides itself on its award-winning apprenticeship scheme.


Most recently, one of the company’s young apprentices, Abbiegail Hill has won The Metals Industry Apprentice of the Year 2019, Career Development Award, a leading industry accolade which is designed to encourage and reward exceptional personal development and commitment to career progression.

The award underlines the quality of voestalpine Metsec’s in-house apprenticeship scheme and the company’s commitment to enabling employees to reach their full potential.

Young people who are fortunate enough to gain places on the scheme can look forward to a high-quality, structured training programme which combines academic studies with practical skills and varied work experience, ultimately leading to recognised national qualifications.

The aim is to equip young people for a career with the company and it is not limited to engineering; apprentices have gone on to work in IT, design and sales.

When it comes to career prospects, the sky’s the limit; many of voestalpine Metsec’s management team have already come through the apprenticeship programme and the company’s aim is to have at least 20% of its workforce made up of apprentices from the scheme by 2020.

Neither does the company’s commitment to nurturing and developing employee talent stop at the apprenticeship scheme; voestalpine Metsec continues to offer high levels of support to employees wishing to continue with their career development and further their academic studies at higher levels, including degree and masters level qualifications in relevant subjects.

Environmental Safety & Training Manager, Steve Giles comments, “We have spent a lot of time and effort getting the apprenticeship process right and making sure that we find the right people for the future of our business. It is vitally important that our training meets the expectations of our new employees and equips them for a future with the company.

“We have trained more than 100 apprentices to date, who now make up 17% of our workforce.

“Naturally, we also want to retain our staff and help them to continue to develop throughout their careers with us. To this end, we offer some of the best support available for those wishing to study to higher levels, ensuring that our pool of talent is continually improving.”