Testing delivers cost-effective solutions

Metsec’s investment in, and commitment to, continual testing of its framing systems with the most popular insulation and board products not only provides assurance in the performance of their construction solutions but also delivers a host of additional benefits for the entire construction/client team.

Metsec has completed almost 400 fire tests and assessments through UKAS-approved laboratories and the Building Research Establishment, using the company’s Metframe and Steel Framing System solutions in conjunction with plasterboards, sheathing boards and insulation from the industry’s leading manufacturers, all of which are readily available from builders’ merchants and distributors.

The tests have incorporated various combinations of plasterboard from three manufacturers; British Gypsum, Knauf and Siniat, five different types of sheathing board; RCM Y-Wall, Euroform Versaliner, British Gypsum Glasroc X, Knauf Wind Liner and Siniat Weather Defence, and five insulations; Rockwool Duoslab and RWA45, Knauf Earthwool Slab and Omnifit and Kingspan.

The result is an extensive catalogue of test data which provides designers, contractors and developers with a wide choice of solutions for wall construction.

Chris Holleron, Sales Director for Framing at Metsec, explains, “Testing, and the data it provides, plays a key role in freeing the construction team from board/insulation tie-ins. Our test data allows designers and developers to choose whatever combination of plasterboard, insulation and sheathing board they require from the products that we test without needing to source everything from one manufacturer.

“In addition to increased choice and flexibility, this means that there are less restrictions on availability and more opportunity for cost savings, as the team is free to negotiate with different suppliers.

“Furthermore, our 30-year MetWALL Perform warranty matches the best in the industry and provides the ultimate assurance in the performance of the preferred construction solution.”

Benefits of Metsec’s intensive testing regime are enhanced further by early engagement with the company’s design team, whose recommended solutions assure accuracy and allow prices to be negotiated at the early stages of the project, reducing the risk of subsequent variations.

As new plasterboard, insulation and sheathing boards are introduced by leading manufacturers, Metsec designs and commissions testing to ensure that it continues to offer the latest options and most cost-effective solutions.

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