acoustic stud

Braced C Stud Twin Frame Partitions

Often considered by project design teams as the most cost-effective way to achieve the baseline / minimum performances set out in Approved Document E with regards to resistance to passage of  sound between dwellings in high rise residential sectors.

  • 50mm cost effective C Stud construction
  • Maximum height up to 6.2m based on a limiting deflection of L/240 @ 200Pa
  • Double layer plasterboard configurations
  • Up to 120 minutes fire rating to BS476:22 1987
  • Up to Rw65dB acoustic performance rating to BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 / BS EN ISO 717-1:2013
  • Severe duty rating to BS 5234-2:1992

Framework Installation

To be read with reference to BS 8000:8 2023 and in conjunction with full Speedline / Tradeline project specific documentation which is created and available on request.

Head Track

Install two rows of Metsec Drylining 52mm wide U tracks to soffit in the centre of the profile at 600mm maximum centres with suitable fixings.

Base Track

Install two rows of Metsec Drylining 52mm wide U tracks to the slab in the centre of the profile at 600mm maximum centres with suitable fixings.


Install 50mm Metsec Drylining C studs friction fitted into tracks at 600mm centres into each row of head and base tracks. Reduce to 400mm centres if partition is receiving ceramic tiling.

Stud Bracing

Both rows of studs are braced together @ 1200mm maximum centres with Partition Brace (PB24) or offcuts of stud / track. Fixed with 2 x wafter head screws to each stud.

Deflection Head

If structural deflection is required, please refer to the Metsec Drylining Standard deflection head detail for guidance.

Partition Brace / Flat Strap

Metsec Drylining flat strap (FS24) is needed behind horizontal plasterboard joints to enable the correct plasterboard perimeter fixings, prevent passage of fire and reduce cracking. In double layer applications FS24 is installed in-between the plasterboard layers behind the horizontal plasterboard joint in the outer layer on both sides.

Plasterboard Installation

Double Layer

Inner layer of plasterboard can be screw fixed at 600mm maximum centres within the body and perimeter of the board however the outer layer must be fixed at 300mm maximum centres within the body and perimeter.

Vertical plasterboard joints on the inner layer must be staggered from one side of the partition to the other. The outer layer of plasterboard must be fixed with all joints staggered in relation to the inner layer. FS24 must be included behind any horizontal plasterboard joint in between the inner and outer plasterboard layer.

Position drywall screws not less than 10mm from the bound edge of the board and 13mm from any cut edge. Ensure a minimum of 10mm penetration into the studwork.

Recess heads of screws below surface of plasterboard but do not break paper or gypsum core.

The above is issued as a guide – full system specific documentation (dependent on required performance) is available on request.

Last updated 20/07/23

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