IP4X Trunking

voestalpine Metsec Cable Management makes rated IP4X trunking systems utilising off the shelf clips, without the need for bespoke systems.

IP4X kits are available for the vast majority of the Metsec Cable Trunking range.

To order a kit simply add “4X” after the first three letters of the part number e.g. for a 50mm wide 90º Bend with Top Lid and Gusset (TTB/050/050/?PG/G90), use the part number TTB4X/050/050/?PG/G90.

For further information or to discuss your project with us you can call +44 (0) 121 601 6085 or email Metsec.CableManagement@voestalpine.com.

You can also download our cable trunking IP4X guidance brochure at the bottom of this page for more details.

Video Transcript

voestalpine Metsec Cable Management manufactures a range of systems for the mechanical and electrical installation market, these include channel support, cable tray, cable ladder and cable trunking. All our products are CE-marked, accredited to BES 6001 and are the only cable management system to carry a BSI Kitemark, this is to offer our customers full reassurance and compliance when it comes to responsible manufacture and procurement, all at the highest quality.

Currently, British Standards for metal cable containment systems demand that all single insulated, non-sheathed cables be contained in an enclosure that meets either IP4X or IPXXD rating.

These ratings provide a specific degree of mechanical protection from the ingress of solid objects to prevent the disturbance of contained, unsheathed cables and potential short circuits. They also serve to protect installers and service engineers from electrical accidents through unintended ingress of wire.

The test for IPXXD allows for a probe to penetrate the trunking, and passes, as long as it has 100mm clearance from live parts.

voestalpine Metsec Cable Management makes IP4X rated trunking systems, which provides greater protection than IPXXD. This higher level of safety is attained by voestalpine Metsec through its range of off the shelf clips, which provide the most robust cable containment solution in line with the Wiring Regulations, without the need for bespoke systems.

The rating for IP4X is tested by the requirement to prevent the entry of objects greater than 1.0 mm, by using a 1.0 mm probe.

If the probe enters a part of the enclosure that contains electrical components, connections or circuits, then it fails the IP assessment for ingress of solid foreign objects. If the probe cannot enter the device under test, then it meets the requirements for IP4X.

The test for IP4X is therefore more stringent than it is for IPXXD, as it prevents any ingress at all, due to the presence of the clips.

The clips are compatible with voestalpine Metsec’s standard trunking system and therefore ensure that a compliant solution to the ingress protection level of IP4X can be delivered at a standard lead time, reassuring M&E contractors that the specified trunking system arrives along with the rest of their order and saving wholesalers the hassle of rearranging stockholdings.

Importantly, the clips can be used to retrofit existing voestalpine Metsec trunking solutions as, for all straight lengths, they are simply fitted over the joint between two lids without the need for tailored accessories or bespoke trunking parts.

By meeting the IP4X standard, specifiers can give installers and those servicing the installation the confidence that the system meets the legal requirements of the Wiring Regulations in the most robust way.

In summary a voestalpine Metsec Cable Management IP4X trunking systems offers:

  • A fully compliant system with greater level of ingress protection than IPXXD
  • Off the shelf solution to IP4X without the need for a bespoke system
  • The ability to retrofit to existing Metsec trunking installations
  • A Kitemarked system manufactured to the highest quality