Metsec updates design software with US codes

voestalpine Metsec plc has released the latest version of its design software, MetSPEC 14. Middle East, optimising the design of purlins and side rails to North American standards, while including all new section sizes.

The updated software provides customers with the option of designing products to the following standards: AISI S100, the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, and ACSE 7-05, the Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.

Rob Marsh, commercial manager for Metsec GCC, said: “This update will make it easier for customers at the specification stage, and will enable them to optimise and streamline their design to the required standards. Crucially the software designs on the steel supplied by Metsec, which is 450N/mm2 yield strength, providing more cost effective, efficient and lighter overall purlin systems.

“All of our latest products and sizes are available within the software, giving a more complete solution to engineers, providing them with a tool to help with the design process. Historically, structural engineers used load tables to calculate solutions and had the time-consuming task of working out specific bespoke solutions using these inflexible load tables. Metsec identified this gap and created MetSPEC 14 Middle East. This free of charge software provides absolute flexibility of design.”

Download MetSPEC 14. Middle East here