Drax Power Station

Drax Power Station

Metsec Cable Management Powers On

The compliant provision of power and services to one of the UK’s most important power stations has been made possible with the support of Metsec Cable Management. Its BES 6001 accreditation was a vital criterion in the specification of its cable ladder, tray and trunking products at Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire.

The project at Drax Power Station required the onsite availability of a large volume of cable management products very quickly. The work to construct a biomass storage and handling facility, by Shepherd Engineering Services (SES), is part of the plant’s transformation into a predominantly biomass fuelled generator.

Because all Metsec’s products are manufactured and held in stock at high volumes at its Midlands plant, a full range of cable ladder, cable tray and cable trunking systems and accessories is available on very fast turn-around times where projects demand just in time deliveries.

Metsec is one of only a handful of cable management suppliers with BES 6001 accreditation. This makes its products an attractive proposition for M&E consultants, specialist contractors, main contractors and their end clients when it comes to responsible procurement.

BES 6001 covers the responsible sourcing of construction products and suppliers must provide evidence of a holistic approach to the mining of raw materials, right through their manufacturing and processing phases. Such an accreditation is an important benefit for end clients and main contractors, whose focus is on driving environmental, social and corporate responsibility at the same time as upholding best practice.

Jon Hillier, Sales Director of Metsec Cable Management comments: “The fast availability of our products was very important on this project and we were able to respond because we always ensure there is a robust stockholding that is ready to service large orders. So too was the BES 6001 accreditation that we carry. It provides a proof point that customers are buying a high quality, audited product and this in turn offers reassurance that our product quality supports the duty of care responsibilities main contractors and end clients have for health and safety on their sites.”

Metsec Cable Management provides customers with a full range of technical support services and this is based on the strength of the larger Metsec group. It means that there is a broad scope of expertise to rely on, drawn from a cross-section of industry experts.

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