CPDs show the way to the right framing solution

Metsec are always keen to ensure that designers, specifiers and engineers are equipped with the best information on which to base construction solutions. Metsec’s Framing division offers two core presentations to meet Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. One covers framing in general, looking at loadbearing, infill, continuous walling and internal high bay situations, whilst the other features pre-panelised systems.

In addition to providing the building professional with details on Metsec’s solutions in these areas, the CPDs cover the key areas of specification, design, installation and application to give a thorough overview of the systems’ potential.

A key element of the CPD content is fire testing, a vital area of building safety. Metsec’s framing systems are typically used in conjunction with different infill materials and the company devotes a great deal of effort into ensuring that these combinations are appropriately certified, providing the specifier with assurance of the solution’s integrity.

David Atkinson, Specification Manager for Metsec Framing, states, “As the country’s largest designer and manufacturer of cold-rolled light-gauge steel construction solutions, we are in a unique position to prepare and deliver CPD information to architects, specifiers and engineers.

“Our CPD presentations draw on our market-leading technical expertise and vast experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying framing solutions for a wide variety of building types across all industry sectors, including residential, hotel and leisure, commercial, education and healthcare.

“Naturally, each CPD contains the relevant product information together with considerations for selection and design. Together, the presentations give professionals an excellent appreciation of the benefits of framing solutions, the projects they are suited to and which system delivers the most effective solution for the construction team and client.”

Metsec’s Framing CPDs are available in a number of formats; they can be presented as webinars, viewed on the company’s website or, when possible, delivered in face-to-face meetings or seminars at client offices.

At the end of the presentation, participants can take a multiple-choice question and answer session, the successful completion of which results in a personalised CPD certificate to add to their professional development records.

The CPDs can be booked by calling 0121 601 6000. Discover our products and services, or contact our team to discuss your requirements today.