The Environmental Impact of Steel

Steel is the world’s most popular construction and engineering material. Just over 50% of all steel produced is used in the construction and infrastructure industries. From houses to multi-storey buildings, street furniture to bridges, whether it be in the components used or the fabric of the structure itself, steel will almost certainly play an integral … Read more

What is a Mezzanine Floor? Types, Uses and Benefits

A mezzanine floor refers to a level situated between the primary floors of a building, usually not included in the total count of floors. This floor often features a low ceiling and extends as a balcony-like structure. In the context of theaters, the term ‘mezzanine’ is applied to the lowest balcony or the initial rows … Read more

What is Metframe?

Metframe is a modern off-site pre-panelised framing solution with a traditional feel. Formed in panels fabricated off-site, the ability for Metframe to bring factory achievable tolerances to a site-based environment is a benefit that has been embraced across the country. Speed, sustainability, flexibility, quality and technical knowledge are just some of Metframe’s benefits which has … Read more

Framing stays ahead of the Residential Game

The construction industry has probably never been under greater scrutiny than it is today, with designers, contractors, materials suppliers and systems manufacturers under increasing pressure, particularly where residential buildings are concerned, to deliver buildings that are safe, comfortable and affordable. There is also a growing number of requirements and restrictions being placed on the construction … Read more

Fire testing delivers cost-effective, versatile solutions

Continuous investment in fire testing enables Metsec’s Dry Lining division to provide customers with a wide range of cost-effective solutions. Gary Dixon (National Technical Sales Manager) highlights the benefits: Fire safety has always been a key consideration in the construction of new buildings. Recent tragic events have, quite rightly, brought this critical area to the … Read more

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