What is SFS?


SFS stands for Steel Framing System, a highly-efficient, versatile construction solution comprising precision-engineered steel components in the form of studs, tracks, fixings and accessories.

Manufactured from light-gauge cold-rolled steel, SFS is used to create frames to support infill and façade systems in a variety of loadbearing and non-loadbearing situations, including external walls on concrete/steel framed buildings, continuous walling, lightweight structures and dividing walls in high bay situations.

SFS allows frames to be constructed remotely from the construction site and is particularly well-suited to offsite construction techniques which deliver the time and cost efficiencies associated with modern methods of construction.

There are variations to steel framing systems, meaning that there will be a type which is most suitable for a particular project. Popular types of this framing system include SFS Infill Walling, SFS Continuous Walling, SFS High Bay Walls, SFS Load Bearing Structures, and our unique Metframe system.

What are the benefits of Steel Framing Systems?

SFS delivers benefits to all stages of the construction process, from design to installation, as well as providing the client with the opportunity to realise return on investment as early as possible.

Steel Framing Systems can be used in a wide variety of different structures, such as concrete or steel frames, with a wide variety of infill materials, from mineral board to architectural glazing, and for loadbearing and non-loadbearing situations.

Compared to other methods of construction, Steel Framing Systems are also extremely lightweight.

How do Steel Framing Systems benefit design?

These attributes provide the design team with a number of advantages:-

Architects and designers are afforded greater flexibility in the design and appearance of the building by combining the steel framing system with different infill and facing materials, allowing freedom in creative expression and layout of accommodation.

Choosing Metsec SFS does not impose limitations in the choice of infill materials that can be used, allowing designers to select infill materials to achieve the desired thermal and acoustic performance for a structure.

Structural engineers are able to design lighter weight buildings, which reduces demands on foundations and structures, with consequent savings in materials and time.

The lightweight structures which SFS delivers can also be used to create additional accommodation at the top floor level of multi-storey structures where loadings might prevent the use of traditional construction methods.

What benefits do Steel Framing Systems give to the construction process?

Once delivered to site, SFS components are quickly and easily assembled into frames for installation and ready to accept infill boards and facing panels immediately. This ensures that a structure is rapidly weather-tight and reduces the time it takes for follow-on trades to commence their work.

The installation process itself is straightforward; components are colour coded for ease of assembly and the techniques required reduce demand for skilled labour.

How do property developers benefit from Steel Framing Systems?

The benefits that SFS brings to the design and construction of a building translate readily into quicker and greater return on investment for the developer.

The cost savings afforded by value-engineered SFS solutions naturally offer the potential for increased margins and improved return.

The fact that SFS enables buildings to be finished and ready for occupation more quickly means that developers can start to realise these returns at an earlier stage than might be achievable through traditional construction methods.

In addition, SFS delivers a high degree of precision and is not subject to shrinking or creeping once installed, assuring a quality finish and reducing maintenance.

How to maximise the benefits of Steel Framing Systems?

Metsec offers a comprehensive pre- and after-sales support and design package, including 3D modelling and BIM-compliance, to ensure that designers, contractors and developers maximise the benefits that SFS can deliver.

Early engagement is key to realising these benefits. Metsec’s design services are available free of charge and with no commitment, enabling the project team to assess the benefits of using SFS at the project’s conception and without risk.

Contact our Steel Framing Systems Team for more information on what we can offer you and our technical details.