structural steel framing system by metsec

Performance Data

The need for full SFS system performance data is of the upmost importance.

Coupled with the need for optimal performance, confidence in that performance is paramount and being able to have data available to support the whole SFS system is an ever increasing requirement.

Making performance data accessible

See how Metsec SFS systems will perform in different applications with a full range of insulation and plaster boards. We give you access to a full suite of performance and testing data so you can be confident in your SFS construction.

Fire performance data is available with all three major manufacturers of plasterboard – BG, Knauf & Siniat as part of the Metsec SFS systems offer.

Fire performance solutions available with 2 types of sheathing board, RCM Y-Wall (Calcium Silicate) and Euroform Versaliner (MGO).

Performance data is available with 2 types of insulation, both can be used above 18m, Kingspan K15 and Rockwool Duoslab.

Tested both load bearing walls and also non-load bearing for infill solutions which are more economical are available in the Metsec SFS systems.

We now have performance data for over 200 wall and floor solution SFS construction combinations.

Full performance data

Each and every one of our systems is tested or assessed for fire safety by the UK’s leading independent centre – the BRE. We also calculate acoustic and thermal data for complete peace of mind.

For more information on this please download our SFS Specification Manual.