Roof Slopes

Long Roof Slopes Length > 20m

1. For roof slopes less than 20m in length, diagonal tie wires can be omitted. Where no anti-sag rods are required for wind uplift and for stability during erection and cladding, we recommend the inclusion of an eaves strut and apex tie. Temporary spacer bars and propping may also be required.

2. The details shown on this page assume that adequate restraint to the purlins is provided by the cladding or liner tray screw fixings at 600mm maximum spacings to the purlins. Additional screws may be necessary to zones of high local wind loads such as eaves and verges.

Note: an eaves strut may also be required to suit the design of the voestalpine Metsec eaves beam.

Restraint fixing details should be similar to Vertical Cladding Restraint Requirements and Vertical Cladding Restraint Fixing Details.

Roof plan with 1 line of anti-sag rods

Roof plan with 2 lines of anti-sag rods

Roof plan with 3 lines of anti-sag rods

Download our purlins technical manual for more information.